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Capital Solar offers a wide range of energy saving and low/no maintenance products! Many taking advantage of unbelievable tax credits and company discounts! The time to GO GREEN is NOW! Check out our totality unique Solar Attic Fan, Whole House Instalation packages, Energy Efficient Windows and much more!  

Solar energy is an unlimited resource,
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Should You Use Solar Powered Attic Fans? Benefits and Advantages of Solar Powered Attic Fan at Home

Have you heard of attic fans? How about its solar powered type? For those who have no idea about this unit and for those curious about it, it's an attic fan similar to those that could be bought over the appliance store but the major difference is that it uses the solar power as a source of electricity. Let me tell you its outstanding advantages over attic fans that make use of non-renewable sources of energy. These are the following:

- Zero percent operational cost
- Able to adapt to any environment
- Electrical connection is not a need
- Cut off of electric bills
- Decrease loads on your air conditioning system

Having a properly vented attic keeps your home cooler, your utility bills lower, because you will not need to run the AC as much, and also helps fight the harmful effects of condensation buildup which can lead to mold, rot, and mildew. Traditionally, passive ventilation and electrical attic vent fans have been used to take care of these issues and keep a flow of fresh cool air circulating through your attic space. Recently, however, the solar powered attic fan has started to catch on as a near perfect solution for this task.

How Solar Powered Attic Fans Work:

A Solar Powered Attic Fan works pretty like you would expect it to. The fan itself is installed near the ridge of your home's roof, and is then connected to a set of low powered photovoltaic solar cells that provide the fan with enough electricity to get the fan spinning when the sun is shining onto the adjustable solar panel. We carry a adjustable solar panel on our Solar Powered Attic Fans so you can tilt the solar panel in the direction of the sun. Once installed, your Solar Attic Fan will kick on whenever the sun is out, drawing fresh air up through your vents and blowing hot, stale, humid air up and out of your attic at the same time, making it cooler.

Some Benefits Of Our Solar Powered Attic Fan:

The reason many homeowners are excited when it comes to solar attic fans is the fact that they require almost no maintenance once installed. The 10 plus and 20 watt solar panel can provide the fan with power for up to 50 years without being replaced, meaning once installed, the attic fan takes care of itself. And since it's not drawing electricity from your home, you're also saving money. Solar powered attic fans cost a little more initially, but when you consider the fact that they are self powered, and have the potential to significantly reduce your energy costs as well, it's easy to see why this is one home improvement task that pays for itself in time.

Helps Cool Your Home
During the peak summer months, your attic’s temperature can rise to 160 or more. This heat build up can raise the temperature inside your home and increase the amount of electricity used by air conditioners and other cooling equipment.

Removes Damaging Moisture
During the winter months, warm moist air from inside your home rises into the attic and collides with the colder underside of the roof. The moist air condenses and promotes mold and mildew. If you live in an area that has snow, the warmer attic air will heat the roof and melt the snow which drips to the eaves where it can refreeze as ice and form ice-dams under the eaves. These ice-dams will cause water to work back up under the shingles into the attic and down to the ceiling.

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