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Radiant Barrier Insulation

If you're a homeowner looking for information on radiant barrier insulation then pull up a chair and have a seat because you've found the information you've been looking for.

On this page you'll discover what radiant barrier insulation is, why our company is the 'go to' radiant barrier insulation company in Maryland and how installing radiant barrier insulation in your home will benefit you.

Radiant Barrier Insulation for Your Home

When it's hot outside, the Sun's radiant heat transfers to the cool air inside and when it's cold your home's radiant heat transfers to the cold air outside. Although most homes are built with standard fiberglass, cellulose or foam insulations they still lose their heating or cooling efficiency due to radiant heat transfer. This means the homeowners lose money on their heating and cooling bills by using unnecessary amount of energy to keep their home comfortable year round.

Our expert installation crews are knowledgeable, courteous, quick and efficient. On our appointment with you we will evaluate the needs, take the time to answer all of your questions, explain our procedures and help you get the maximum benefit from our product. In most cases, we offer installation in only three days with most installs taking just 3 or 4 hours.

Its time to Go Green! and saves some Green...

  • Save money on your home energy bills!
  • Reduce you home energy consumption!

As a customer of Radiant Barrier Maryland you can expect:

  • Top Rated Radiant Barrier Insulation Products
  • Expert Craftsmanship and Installation
  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Service
  • Express Installation and Project Completion
  • The Industries 'Best' Guarantees


What is Radiant Barrier Insulation?

Heat transfer can occur in several ways:

  • Conduction: The transfer of energy between objects in physical contact.
  • Convection: The transfer of energy between an object and its environment, due to fluid motion.
  • Thermal Radiation: The transfer of energy from or to a body by the emission or absorption of electromagnetic radiation.

While standard fiberglass, cellulose or foam insulations inhibit conduction and convection transfer, only radiant barrier insulations or reflective barrier insulations inhibit heat transfer by thermal radiation.

Any device that is designed to reduce or stop the flow of radiant energy is a radiant barrier insulator.

One example of radiant barrier insulation is the space blanket. In 1954, NASA invented a lightweight, reflective material composed of a plastic substrate with a vapor-deposited coating of aluminum. The material, now commonly known as a "space blanket", is used to protect spacecraft, equipment, and astronauts from thermal radiation or to retain heat in the extreme temperature fluctuations of space.


The same material that goes into making our barrier kept the NASA astronauts alive in the intense atmospheric conditions of space. The Space Shuttle’s outer heat tiles, the astronaut’s space suits, and many other components contain radiant barrier to protect against heat and cold. This same technology has been incorporated into our Radiant Barrier, giving you up-to-date technology and performance.