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Here we will post info on upcoming Water Adventures!

Annapoils PWC was started so riders could meet and find new friends that share the same basic interests in PWC's! As well as finding others that know the area and want to explore and share it with others. I found when I first started out that if a few of my friends wernt riding, I went venturing out on my own. And if it was a little too windy, choppy, hot, cold, overcast whatever?? That some wernt riding at all anymore? I thought it would be a great idea to start Annapolis PWC more as a way to bring riders together. If you wanna get involved and help make Annaplois PWC a success! Email Coop at:    

"A little bit of Key West on the Chesapeake Bay"



Wild Adventure!!
on Kent Island

The tradition continues! Red Eyed Dock Bars Bikini Contests every Sunday!! with the finals Sept!  Annapolis / Maryland PWC Does not do the Dock Bar every weekend, But it makes for a Sweeeet fuel stop when exploring the Eastern Shore!  (So tell the wife or girl friend your doing something boring with a PWC Club!-LOL) Women are welcome on this trip those! We head out of Annapolis! (Depending on how many are going, determines were we launch?)  We venture
across the bay and over into Kent Narrows!


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Aug. PWC Challenge!






Our local play ground, Annapolis Area.


West Ocean City.


 AHHH The Atlantic Ocean........................



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To operate a PWC on Maryland Waters YOU MUST...

  • Be at least 16 years old

  • Wear a USCG approved PFD

  • Carry a certificate of boater safety education if born on or after July 1, 1972.

  • Maintain 6 knots or slower within 100 feet of a vessel, shore, pier, piling, bridge structure, abutment or person in the water.

  • Have PWC equipped with an operating self-circling device or lanyard-type kill switch.

When operating a PWC on Maryland Waters YOU MAY NOT...

  • Operate between sunset and sunrise.

  • Jump, or attempt jumping, the wake of another vessel, within 100 feet of the vessel.

  • Operate within 300 feet of people in the water or surf fishing activities in Atlantic ocean waters.

  • Disturb waterfowl and wildlife.

  • Operate in a reckless or negligent manner.

NOTE: MarylandPWC is a Drug Free Club! ( Most Riders do not drink alcohol as well.) We take water sports VERY seriously! We don't have a problem with a rider maybe having one beer durning one of our adventures to the Red Eye? But with changing weather conditions and the way we ride, As well as Maryland Law there is zero tolerance for being stupid on the water

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