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General Home Improvement is ready to help with all your Gutter needs!


General Home Improvement is one of Maryland's leading full service residential and commercial gutter companies. We are dedicated to providing professional gutter installation, expert service and satisfaction.
We install specialty gutters such as copper and half round and our more popular 5 inch and 6 inch seamless aluminum gutters that we manufacture right at the job site, insuring precise measurements and a custom fit each time. We guarantee our materials and craftsmanship with one of the best warranties in the business. A wide array of colors are also available, for that perfect match to complement your exterior.



A well-designed roof does a good job of keeping water from entering your home by deflecting rainwater toward the roof edge. From there a quality gutter system finishes the job by conducting the water down and away from the home itself.

Without gutters, water spilling off the roof would wear away siding, windows, lower roofs, foundation, landscaping — anything in the path of cascading water. Water entering your home can stain walls, rot wood framing, even crack a cement foundation.

That’s why a properly functioning gutter and downspout system from General Home Improvement is essential to prevent water from entering your home and causing flooding and structural damage. Our roofing systems include a gutter system that is properly designed, fabricated and installed to provide the necessary capacity to handle almost any amount of runoff.

Gutters and downspouts must be the right size to accommodate the expected volume of water without filling up and overflowing, all while looking proportional to your home. General Home Improvement installs seamless aluminum or copper gutters to provide the highest durability and dependability.

Gutter services, including:

  • Inspection & cleaning
  • Gutter repairs
  • Gutter replacement
  • Gutter protection systems
  • Custom gutters & downspouts

Maryland's Source for
Rhino Gutter Guard



Your gutter system does not have to look the same as the rest of the gutters on homes in your neighborhood. There are many products that can bring a unique look to your gutters and your home.

Many clients that are installing a copper gutter system add conductor heads or scuppers to add an aesthetic to the system while also helping the flow of the water entering the downspout. Another commonly added item is a rain chain, which water follows down to the ground, and is available in a variety of materials. Becoming more and more popular is the use of rain barrels that collect the rain water from the gutters and are saved in rain barrels and used for watering lawns and gardens.

Some homes with slate or metal roofs require snow guards to keep the snow and ice from coming off the roof in sheets, which can typically damage or destroy a gutter system.


Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Works!






6" Oversized Gutters Sale!

6" gutters just maybe the best solution for many home owner! 6" gutters can handle approximately 40% more volume than a standard 5" gutter. When installing 6" gutters, 3x4" down spouts are used as well, allowing more water and debris to flow freely through the system.

6" Oversized Gutters are not only used on "commercial buildings", but more and more are being used in residential settings.

6" gutters will benefit these residential circumstances:

  • Gutter lengths over 40’ that cannot have 2 downspouts
  • Lower gutters that have upper gutters draining into them
  • Long runs over 60’
  • Rooflines with tremendous amounts of water concentrating to a small portion of gutter.
  • Inside valleys where the water is flowing at great speed, and typically overflows during heavy rains.
  • Homes that 5" gutters were used mainly becasue the builder was trying to save a buck and used have used in the first place

We have 14 colors available and are sure you will find one to fit in with the color scheme of your home. Our gutters are made from .032 heavy gauge aluminum and are leak proof. You won't find a better product on the market.


K-Style Gutter 5 inch & 6 inch sizes

Gutter Image A K-Style gutter is what is most commonly used on residential and commercial homes. The "K" refers to the shape of the front of the gutter. This design has proven to be effective for handling large amounts of water without overflowing and also the "K" style gives the gutter added strength.

Half-Round Gutters 5" & 6" Gutters

Half Round Gutter A Half-Round gutter is most commonly found on older homes made of stone or brick. Often these homes have slate, cedar shake or Spanish tiled roofs.

Types of Leaders

A leader is more commonly known as a down spout. The down spout or leader is what is connected to the gutter and brings the water from the gutter to the ground. Leaders are available in different sizes depending on the needs of the home.

2x3" & 3x4" Leaders

Rectangular Leader 2x3" is the dimension of the most commonly used leader on residential homes. 2x3" is the standard size installed with 5" gutters. 3x4" is most commonly installed with 6" gutters. A 6" gutter usually is taking on more water and will need a bigger leader to handle the extra flow.

3" & 4" Round Corrugated Leaders

Corrugated Round

The corrugated design provides added strength and a certain aesthetic that many people like. Corrugated leaders are an excellent accent when having copper gutters installed.

There are no real advantages of round leaders over rectangular leaders as far as handling water and debris.

3" & 4" Round Smooth Leaders

Round Leader

The smooth round leaders look beautiful but lack the strength of the corrugated leader. They are by no means weak, but if something hits it, the leader will dent more easily than a corrugated leader. Round smooth leaders are not available in aluminum, only copper.

There are no real advantages of round leaders over rectangular leaders as far as handling water and debris.

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