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ATC90.com's Collection

The 1972 and 77 ATC90's I have are so clean they Look like they almost came off the Honda Dealer's Showroom floor.


We like the early year ATC90's the best,
but when we saw this super nice 1977~90
It became part of the TEAM... 


1974 ATC 90

Thanks George, This 1974 ATC 90 was from George's Private Collection. He owned his Dealership for over 35 Years, One of the Oldest Honda Dealer in the USA.
I caught him just in Time, He had already started liquidating most of his Collection and had this last year of the Balloon Tire ATC90's just waiting for
Taylor and I, My 2nd Dealer Find..


Taylor and I do take the atc90's out for a little back yard warn up from time to time, Thats about the most action they see. Our Collection is mostly for Show, But I do get a lot of offer's and do sell, If the price is right. We Hope you enjoyed looking at some of my atc90's more Bikes to come as The Web Site grow's.


Chris's Lawn and Garden Department.

If my 72 looks like it just came off the Showroom floor, that's because it did. The bike was Sitting in a South Dakota Honda Dealer's Showroom for over 20 years.

I have to say this is one of our best finds, So Far...


Actual Photos that Dealer Sent Me. When I got
them in the mail, I said SOLD! Bike was traded
in for a Lawn Mower! No Joke! back in 1979 The
Dealer stop selling ATC's but this bike was so
Clean that he keep it around for looks in his
Showroom,, Till I came hunting.....




Pismo Beach Twins, we sold one and kept one for our collection.